Adult Psychology

Balance Psychology comprises a group of experienced, fully registered psychologists. Together, we are proud to have assisted  thousands of adults and indirectly their families since we started  Balance Psychology in February 2007.

We recognise that as an adult, it can be a difficult decision to ask for help. We offer professional, highly confidential and private psychological services in a supportive environment. You can be confident that we will be sensitive to your individual needs.

Working with a psychologist can genuinely make a difference to your life. If you haven’t seen a psychologist before, then you will likely find it easier than you have imagined. In the first session we will listen to you to try and gain an understanding of your personal circumstance and the difficulties you might be experiencing. We can then formulate an individual program suited to your own needs in order to help you.

To get started please give us a call on 9786 6192 and we can find a suitable appointment time.

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