Spiritual Development


Empowerment and Wellbeing

Our modern world has evolved at such a rate that the level of complexity we experience may seem overwhelming for us as individuals. Spiritual development supports us to re-connect to our true nature and greatly enhances our wellbeing in modern life. Spirituality is quite different to religion which relates to texts, practices and beliefs. Developing the spiritual connection we have with our true selves, others and our planet enhances our quality of life.

Judith Homa

In addition to her extensive experience and qualifications as a registered psychologist Judith has significant experience working with spiritual development and education. Over many years Judith has engaged in research, programs and teachings to bring these tools to her clients. Her practical and insightful approach to the expansive wellbeing benefits of spiritual development make this accessible in our daily lives, enriching our experiences and relationships. Judith combines her extensive knowledge, resources and insights for clients looking for greater fulfilment and enhanced wellbeing.